How do I buy tickets for Stukafest Nijmegen?

Donderdag 17-03-2022

Confused on how to buy tickets for Stukafest Nijmegen?

Not to worry! We’ll explain in detail how to get your coveted spot in one of the Stukafest locations.

STEP 1: Go to the ticket link.

STEP 2: Choose your location.

Now you get to choose your location! We have four locations this year, without the usual movement between locations. This means you’ll enjoy your three performances at the same place. The addresses of the locations are:

Location 1: Dobbelmannweg 1
Location 2: Groesbeekseweg 147
Location 3: Oranjesingel 70
Location 4: Waalplein 5 (Strandbar Stek)

But how do you choose where to go? Well that depends on the line-up and what type of art you enjoy. More about the line-up.

Step 3: Afterparty or no afterparty?

After the three performances you can dance your heart out at Strandbar Stek! Here we’ll have a silent disco. Add the afterparty to your ticket if you feel like swaying along.

Step 4: Payment and confirmation

That’s it! You’re done. Now all you have to do is pay for your tickets and we’ll see you on the 23rd of April. 🙂

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