Silent Disco

We present to you our silent disco Stuka-AFTERPARTY!!!!! After the succes of our previous StukaDISCO event, we have some new, fresh and cool DJs for you! Watch the StukafestTV Stream #1, after which you can keep on dancing and chilling during our silent disco event.
Enjoy the evening dancing on techno sounds from LOCUS ERROR, Alternative/Indie hits of Dj Papi Queso and a visual arts perfomance of Glitterende Eenhoorn.

How does it work?
You can sign-up your household (with a minimum of 3) to our sign-up sheet which will be uploaded later on. There is no limit but we ask you to keep the COVID-19 measurements in mind.
*Please keep in mind that we live in a serious situation right now so follow COVID-19 measurements at all cost. That’s why this event is mostly directed to households. That way you can party while keeping yourself and others safe!

The ticket for a household is €20, in which will be two transmitters for the two streams included. Then you will add €3,50 per person for a headphone as well.
So little example: If you decide to sign-up with four roommates the amount you are paying will be €20 + 4x €3,50 = €34 in total. So only €8,50 per person!!

Click the link for tickets!
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