Afterparty line-up Stukafest 2023

Maandag 31-01-2022

Stukafest has found some amazing musiscians to end this years festival with a bang! Meet the acts down below to see what you can expect


Historian is a rock band with a true love for the past. Sharply dressed and with a vintage feel, Historian merges the pioneering music of Led Zeppelin with the driving force of Jack White. The four piece band makes good use of the stacked overdrives and a road-worn Hammond organ to blow you away with timeless music!

Rens, Jaïr & Ome Uncle

Rens, Jaïr & Ome Uncle, popularly known as RJO, prefers to take risks. They don’t stick to genres and are musically driven by a love of brutality. With a mix of rap, electronic pop and lots of fun, they create funky tunes with a feel good vibe. The dirtiest trio from Amsterdam is a notorious sensation. During the energetic, passionate and completely sweaty live shows, they build a unique bond with the audience, managing to win over every room. With complete surrender, driving productions and catchy vocal lines, the trio is a guaranteed festival demolition act!

Black Dynamite

Our dear friend Emil Srush aka. Black Dynamite is taking over the stage at Simplon to welcome all of you – stukafriends. He’ll blast some funky tunes and spin the discs like only he knows. Prepare yourself to get lost away on the grooves of the vinyl!