Kayleigh Beard

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Kayleigh Beard (1993) from Groningen has been making electronic music since 2006 as a “one-woman-band”. She gets her inspiration from nature and different genres of music, for example indie electronic, trip hop, electro-pop and melancholic music.

“Her music consists of dreamy electronic beats with high vocal melodies. The deep bass combined with the slow and repetitive melodies gives the music a meditative quality and reminds us of a dark version of the early work by SOHN.” -3voor12

After being caught up in the scientific world of computer science and AI Kayleigh did her masters at the art academy in Groningen. There she met visual arts and new media students and she started experimenting with new technologies for making music. For example, she created electronic gloves that she uses as an intuitive musical instrument.

Kayleigh released her debut album Ocean’s Pulse in July 2020. The album was inspired by the pulse of the earth and the passion to take good care of it.

“Although Kayleigh Beard’s music cannot be characterized as immediately accessible, for those willing to listen she manages to convey a beautifully layered world of sounds with her electro-pop where deep bass gives the music an earthly feel. It is intuitive and at times wonderfully serene.” –The Next Gig

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