Mystery act Stukafest Utrecht revealed!

Tuesday 08-01-2019

The mystery act for Stukafest Utrecht 2019, which had remained a secret since the announcement of the line-up, has been revealed yesterday evening. No-one less than Spinvis will fill one of the 20 rooms with his quirky Dutch songs.

Spinvis is without a doubt thé eccentric pioneer of Dutch pop music. Erik de Jong, the creative mind behind Spinvis, wrote his first album on the attic of his house in Nieuwegein, which came out in 2002. Since then he’s captured both young and old with his dreamy lyrics and outstanding arrangements. Generations grew up with his music, playing in the background during breakfast on the kitchen table, listening to it in the back of the car on the road to holidays, or just like himself in attic rooms, which made Spinvis loved among all ages and now more popular than ever.

Spinvis is a jack-of-all-trades, so what exactly will happen is unknown, but it’s guaranteed it’ll be a memorable show. You don’t wanna miss this!

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