Theater Tocht: de Bovenkamer




Bovenkamer is an absurd-comic show about the bold attempt to take a path that is unknown.

They heard you.

They have been looking at you.

But they never dared to go down the stairs.

Until today.

In Bovenkamer we follow three young women in their journey from their room, crossing the threshold, down the stairs, into the world. They only need a half word. For years they’ve only had each other and the four walls around them. They know exactly how to break each other down and how to rebuild each other again. Embracing and strangling are dangerously close to each other. In an attempt to escape from themselves and each other, they decide to go downstairs. A world where they will be confronted with who they are to the outside world. What are the rules at this place? What does the interference of all these people with their close but stifling bonds do?


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