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As an introduction to the NITE-performance Before/After, young actors from De Noorderlingen make a short pop-up performance led by the director Karel Hermans, called Broadcast interruptions.

This theatrical introduction addresses themes from the main show and can easily be performed in a living room, a lobby of a theatre or naturally on a stage.

De Noorderlingen Vooropleiding Theater Opleiding and theaterhuis is for talented young people, between the age of 12 and 21, from the North. They offer a curriculum for talents, and is taught by a team of makers: from actors and directors to composers and choreographers. De Noorderlingen represents, for over 30 years, players and makers who are an asset for the national theatre and film circuit.

About Before/After

38 normal people are doing normal stuff. They turn in a light bulb, are cheating, look at a painting, discover a grey hair, reliving a childhood memory, wait in a hotel room or wrangle during a drink at the company. But in the play Vorher/Nachher the German writer Roland Schimmelpfenning shifts something small in all those lives, causing that they will never be the same as the way they were.


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