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Nele Needs A Holiday – Love Yeah – Biography

An alien researcher and reality TV star comes to Earth to investigate the greatest mystery in the universe. Love Yeah, the second studio album of Nele Needs A Holiday, is an interplanetary and unromantic concept album on the theme of the themes: The Love.

Alien Nele comes from Pelgië, a small planet in the solar system of star Trappist-1. The Pelgians do not understand what Earth People are so concerned about all the time, so they send Nele to find out what Love is. Nele reports to Pelgië in the form of short, melodic reports, also known as music tracks on Earth.

Nele devotes herself with much diligence to her research task, and therefore falls in love all the time. The result is an album that highlights all facets of love, including those who prefer to swear loved ones. That ranges from dubious twilight romances to heartbreaking sorrow to not being able to stand your own love. Nele sings it all.

With a great eye for detail, she outlines how Earth Love works, in texts that are full of striking and humorous observations. It’s funny because it’s true. Nele Needs A Holiday says what she stands for, and knows how to put herself into an infinite perspective.

On stage, Nele is accompanied by a multi-headed monster consisting of six hyper-talented women, an unflattering catsuit annex space suit, and a galaxy of vulnerability. Every performance is streamed live to every corner of the universe. Many space creatures have already laughed crookedly.

This act is presented by radio station KINK:

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