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Moon Moon Moon, with musician Mark Lohman as inspiration, makes melancholic indie with tragicomic reflections on daily life in his lyrics. Moon Moon Moon published its Journal Entries last year. Often ruthlessly honest and on current topics; About the unmasking of Dotan’s troll army in de Volkskrant or when Tim Knol left Giel Beelen’s studio, but also about his personal experiences, why he didn’t climb the stage at Belle & Sebastian. In all cases accompanied by equally creative videos. In addition to Moon Moon’s own songs and Journal Entries, he also made the videos for Robin Kester and Tim Knol, among others. Moon Moon Moon even developed its own game for Tim Knol.

On the stage, Moon Moon Moon brings the sharp lyrics to life with engaging compositions. That band is now one of the most booked bands during this year’s ‘Popronde’ Now, the leadsinger is coming to Stukafest! You don’t wanna miss this!


“If you can’t win, sing about losing as well as you can”, is a quote that best describes the self-reflective and tragicomical indiepop by Moon Moon Moon. It’s no coincidence that this quote is by founder Mark Lohmann, who explores the tragicomic bits of everyday life with relentless honesty. His hyperrealistic songs take you on a strangely relatable journey through personal and impactful moments that are very personal, sometimes painful, but always ending on a hopeful note.  

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