Magic Tom & Yuri




Magic Tom & Yuri is the COOLEST anarchist magic duo of the moment. Their show is a mix of theater, punk, magic, dance and above all a lot of comedy!

Many people have said that Magic Tom & Yuri is the funniest thing they’ve ever seen, and that’s because Magic Tom & Yuri have known each other since their first year in the Hazlem class in Haarlem and have since made many good jokes. It all started with their theatrical punk band Orgaanklap, and quickly merged into the Tom & Yuri Extravaganza sketch show and then reached its climax in their latest success story: Magic Tom & Yuri!

Come see it come see it! It is for young and old! Boring and naughty! Be enchanted by the great tricks and the casual bodies of Magic Tom & Yuri!

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