Ilja Geelen (LNP)





Everything is spinning and so am I. On and on and on and – look! I am unbreakable. 

I belong everywhere – look! Connect the dots. Untangle me?

Phase X is a contemporary dance solo in an interdisciplinary setting. Hints of sillyness, speculation and confusion transform the room into an intimate web of thoughts. Energetic, expressive, curious and sometimes even relaxed movements fill the space. Artists and ‘normal’ people from various disciplines contribute to the room’s interior design.

Ilja Geelen (22) is a recently graduated dance maker and teacher. She likes working with intimate settings in which she can feel connected to the audience, so that no two shows are the same. Her creation process is influenced by her studies in Anthropology. While in daily life she dances with people of all ages and physicalities, in Phase X she stands all alone, incorporating the roles of choreographer, creative entrepeneur and, indeed, dancer.

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