Go Short | Film: ‘The Death of A Tiger Mother’ + Q&A (LNP)

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Go Short will be returning to Stukafest for another year. They are incredibly enthusiastic about short films and they express this admiration with an international film festival celebrating short film culture. The festival itself will take place from the 3th until the 7th of April in Nijmegen, but for Stukafest they will unpack a little earlier! In the Go Short room you will see a short film followed by an in-depth conversation with the film maker.

Thijs Bouman will participate in Stukafest Utrecht 2020 with his short film ‘The Death of A Tiger Mother’. Thijs was born in 1995 in Amsterdam. In High School he decided he wanted to make films. He applied voor the orientation year at the Nederlandse Filmacademie, to gain experience on the set. After that, he applied voor Fiction Director at the Nederlandse Filmacademie and this year, he is graduating. In his third year of his education he produced this film. This film is about a mother who does everything to get her son to a higher school level than he was recommended (VMBO).

He says: “How big we make these seemingly small problems, I think, says a lot about the time we live in and the things that we value today. I also want my characters to always have something bad in them. In any case, it is not nice to look at someone who only makes the right choices, but I think you can go very far in how unlikable characters are in a movie. I also think that there is an increasing need for these types of characters. ”


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