De Voorkamer: Dilshad Hassan & Dema Kadri (LNP)

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De Voorkamer is back this year!

De Voorkamer is moving to one of the student rooms during Stukafest Utrecht 2020! De Voorkamer is a meeting place for newcomers and locals from Utrecht. Projects are set up where newcomers and locals can express their specific skills, interests and talents together with the mission to connect people. Together with the community of De Voorkamer, a special program has been set up for Stukafest Utrecht.

Come listen to the fantastic Saz player Dilshad Hassan. This evening he will play a number of songs from great Kurdish singers from all parts of Kurdistan. Through his music he can express his feelings, regardless of the language that others speak. The meaning and purpose of the music are very important to Dilshad and he will briefly explain this during his performance.

In addition, one of the great storytellers of De Voorkamer, Dema Kadri will perform! She will share a family story with you about the humorous and fascinating first experiences in the Netherlands. In short; come along, get to know people from various backgrounds through music and stories, and all this while enjoying a delicious Arabic snack in a Dutch student room!

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