We Are Hunters

@Huize Primus

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Take a little Fall Out Boy, a little Linkin Park, a dash of Classic Rock with a frontman that’s an absolute animal and you get the hunting assembly: We Are Hunters. Setting up shop in Nijmegen, the Pop - Rock band consists of five driven guys with a passion for musical hunting. Not a single band member without experience, and not a single person in the audience that can resist the hunters’ charms. Get ready for a throwback to a skatepark in the 00’s. From selling out Luxor Live at the first EP’s release show to playing the main stage at Grenswerk, Venlo. That’s all been checked off now. All that’s left is taking over the world.

  • location

  • Huize Primus
  • Primus van Gilsstraat 34
  • Tilburg

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