This young singer-songwriter makes special indie pop music she writes and produces in her bedroom. She describes her sound as "an experimental, dreamy indie pop you don't hear often'.

Her New EP 'Girls' is about how love can make someone feel free and connects with Ward's selfacceptance in the LGBTQ community. Girls combines a special DIY feeling with a 70's / 80's sound of tame impala

WARD was already at By The Creek Festival, Eendracht Festival, A Festival Downtown and in the opening of Baio (bassist of vampire weekend). Ward also won the grand prize of Rotterdam 2018 in the singer-Songwriter Category and was nominated for the Rotterdam Music Awards. WARD was finalist of the great price of the Netherlands 2018 and traveled throughout the Netherlands with Popronde as 3 Voor12 Talent.

  • location

  • Coolhaven 228D
  • Rotterdam

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