STOOKOLIE 010 – Liquor tasting

@Rochussenstraat 29, Rotterdam

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Conceived as an illegal distillation in the Port of Rotterdam’s smoky shadow, and illicitly trafficked from a tailgate, after rigorous testing STOOKOLIE 010 has matured into a seriously adult liquor!

This year at Stukafest Rotterdam 2019 we organize a very exciting tasting! Taste the raw version of Stookolie 010 based on 45 % alcohol and be surprised by the double-punch-in-Your-face of black pepper and smoke flavour from the port. This tasting (yes, also in cocktail form!) in combination with an awesome presentation and story is a real act!

STOOKOLIE 010 is now a double spirit with an unexpectedly nuanced finish, a heavenly match of exotic black peppercorns and typically local pure alcohol. The alcohol percentage and piperine level are precisely blended; the 45% alcohol coaxes the pepper’s complex aroma to the fore. The initial sensation of heat is followed by a smooth, lingering glow of spice with a hint of wood.

Andehh, only for 18 + of course!

  • location

  • Rochussenstraat 29, Rotterdam
  • Rochussenstraat 29
  • Rotterdam

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