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Lewsberg from Rotterdam are a four-piece rock group named after writer and fellow
Rotterdammer Robert Loesberg, famous for his dangerous novel Enige Defecten from 1974.
That is the greatest source of inspiration for the band: the counterculture and big-city cynicism
of the 1960s and 1970s. After putting out The Downer (ep, cassette) and Non-fiction Writer
(single, 7'') in 2017, Lewsberg released their self-titled debut full-length in the Netherlands in
2018. Nine rudimentary and repetitive rock songs, full of a tough, nonchalant intensity. The
English lyrics, delivered with a heavy Rotterdam accent, show a tendency towards existentialism
and black humour. The album will be re-released worldwide in January 2019.


  • location

  • Schiedamseweg 280
  • Rotterdam

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