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In 'The Three Graces', three dancers will take you back in time, seductive like nymphs from a painting, to the Baroque and Renaissance. The dancers transform into images like those created in paintings, centuries ago. Works from Raphael, Michelangelo, Botticelli and Rubens will be embodied, lived, danced and voiced. During the piece movement, music and text melt together to shape a new interpretation of those art works.

The Three Graces speaks about beauty, just like those paintings are beautiful. But with this portrayal of beauty also comes the possibility of a one-sided image of the (female) body. One can feel both attracted to the sensuality and fragility while at the same time struggle to connect to this typical and often unrealistic portrayal of femininity. There is not only one answer to the
question of what femininity is, and it is this ambiguity that gives the piece its unique and absurd character.

The audience is invited to let their gaze travel over every curve, disappear in every crease and stay with each detail; The longer you look the more you see.

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  • Rochussenstraat 333a
  • Rotterdam

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