Café Theater Festival presents: Maria Madeira

@Grote Visserijstraat 81A

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Title: To an unknown island I bring..

How can we adapt ourselves to a space? This is the question that Maria asks herself when entering the room on Visserijstraat 81A. She brings a backpack full of things that represent herself: a book with a poem she wants to share, her favorite jacket. From inside her backpack she also takes out her presence, acrobatics and dance moves. She shares this moment with the audience. She might ask for their help, ask them questions, to be a part of the space along with her. She feels at home as it could be her room, but it could also be your room.

This act is a preview of Maria Madeira @ Café Theater Festival

  • location

  • Grote Visserijstraat 81A
  • Rotterdam

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