Amira al Rawi

@Eendrachtsweg 33a

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A special dance experience in a unique setting!

In her solo performance 'NADIA', Amira Arawi investigates and questions female roles in different cultures, in a search for her own identity.

How do you determine boundaries? And what influence has life with two cultures and their conflicting standards and values. The absence of her mother Nadia plays an important role in this development and finding answers. Her performance was already shown at De Parade in Utrecht!

Choreographer Shailesh Bahoran coaches Amira in this project. Although firmly rooted in hip-hop culture, Bahoran works out-of-the-box and lets himself be inspired by his Hindu background.

  • location

  • Eendrachtsweg 33a
  • Eendrachtsweg 33A
  • Rotterdam

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