Positions Stukafest Nijmegen

Thursday 12-03-2020

As chair of the board, you are the face of Stukafest Nijmegen. You will guide your team, make agendas and schedules, keep the overview on everything that your board is doing, and make sure it all goes smoothly. You are informed on everything that happens within your organization. You direct important discussions and decide on important matters. You will also support your board members whenever you need to. Throughout the entire year, you will be indispensable.

Workload: +/- 2 days a week. The busiest time of year will be at the beginning of the year when writing your policy plan, and during the festival itself in February.

The secretary is, just like the chair, in the loop on everything that happens within the organization. You manage the email of Stukafest Nijmegen, know where to find all important documents regarding Stukafest Nijmegen and take notes during meetings. Next to that, you will be in charge of all important official documents of the organization and do some administrative work, such as making up privacy documents and writing the rules of procedure (HR).

Workload: +/- 1,5 day a week.

As treasurer you will manage the money flow of Sukafest Nijmegen. At the beginning of the year you will make a budget plan, in which you will make an estimate of the costs and benefits of the upcoming year. You will receive invoices and billings from external parties during the year and make sure they get paid. As a treasurer, you will mainly focussing on piecing together the budget and calculating.

Workload: +/- 2 days a week. The busiest times of the year are at the beginning of the board year when making a budget plan, and in February/March, right after the festival.

No money, no festival, and no acquisitor, no money. As the acquisitor of Stukafest Nijmegen, you will tightly work together with the treasurer, because you will know how much money to retrieve from external parties based on the budget plan. Important tasks for the acquistor are writing to subsidiary funds, have contact with potential sponsors and maintain contact with multiple partners. You can set up a sponsor package for partners, but you are also free to think of other forms of acquisition.

Workload: +/- 1,5 day a week. The busiest time of the year will be from July through November.

As PR-Online, you are the one who manages the social media of Stukafest Nijmegen, think of our website, Facebook, Instagram and the ticketshop (ikbenaanwezig). You decide on the texts, which photo’s / video’s are put online and when: you’re the one in control of our online promotion. You know you fellow students and what they like on social media. Together with PR Offline, you will design the ‘house style’ and think about extra promo.

Workload: +/- 2 days a week. Workload differs each week and depends on your graphic design skills (Photoshop, InDesign) and you’re social media expertise.

As PR-Offline you will be mainly busy with the design of the posters and programme leaflets. You don’t have to know exactly how graphic design programs work, but being familiar with Photoshop or InDesign is convenient. Together with PR-Online you will design the ‘house style’ of Stukafest Nijmegen and think about extra promotional material. In addition, you’re the one who’s responsible for arranging the press and photographers during (and before) the festival.

Workload: +/- 2 days a week. Workload differs each week and depends on your graphic design skills (Photoshop, InDesign).

The name already says it: you’re the one who decides on the programme of Stukafest Nijmegen. You have a broad interest in the different cultural disciplines and like to scout for potential acts. You’re not afraid of negotiating with the artists about their fee. It is important to go to festivals during the festival season (and afterwards), so you can already check out acts and keep a list of potential acts for Stukafest Nijmegen. You will contact the artists that you want to see. The challenge is to make sure the programme is of high quality and as diverse as possible, but also fits Stukafest.

Workload: +/- 2 days a week. From July till December, you will be busy with visiting acts and approaching them: this will be the busiest period.

Room coordinator
As room coordinator you will focus on everything related to the student rooms during the festival. You will look for the rooms and the roomhosts. You’re the one who will keep in touch with the roomhosts and make sure they’re aware of all the important information. You will visit each room in order to know what the rooms look like and how you can use the space. Of course this is also necessary, so you can get to know the roomhosts. Together with the booker and production coordinator you will decide which act will be in which room. You’re able to keep a good overview of what is needed in the rooms (e.g. programme leaflets, fire extinguishers) and make sure everything is at the right room. Good communication is key, for this position: you like to make people enthusiastic about becoming a roomhost, know which information is important for them and how you provide them with this information. You will also be working a lot with the booker and production coordinator.

Workload: +/- 2 days a week. You have to be reachable by phone from the moment you’re looking for roomhosts till the festival. Workload differs each week.

Production coordinator
Being the production coordinator is a versatile job: you’re up-to-date with everything concerning technique and responsible for the afterparty.

Based on the technical riders of the acts, you will decide together with the booker which technical equipment is needed, whether it is possible to get the equipment and if it fits Stukafest. Therefore it would be nice if you are already familiar with sound engineering. Together with the room coordinator and booker, you will decide which act will be in which room. In addition, it is also your job to organize a smashing afterparty. You’re going to look for the perfect location, book awesome acts and make sure nothing goes wrong the evening itself. You work with the whole board together, but also with a lot of external partners.

Workload: +/- 2 days a week. End of November/December till the day after Stukafest is the busiest period.

Did you get excited after reading all these positions and do have any questions or want to talk to the current board? Send a message via our socials or send an email to stukafest@codc.nl. Application is due on May 1st.

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