Board call for Stukafest Middelburg 2022!

Sunday 28-03-2021

Would you like to gain some experience in organizing a festival? Curious about how Stukafest as an organization works and what is involved?

Stukafest Middelburg is a festival that takes place every year in February. The festival is organized by young adults for the student community as well as for the general public in Middelburg. The next edition is Stukafest 2022 and we are looking for a new board to make it happen!

In the board you will work together as a team in order to organize Stukafest Middelburg. You, as a board, will make be able to make all the decisions regarding the organization of the festival. But don’t you worry, you won’t be all alone, Stukafest national board is there to support you! Joining the Stukafest board is therefore a unique opportunity, not only to develop new skills and gain experience with the organization of festivals but also to make connections.

The following positions are available:

  • Chairman:You ensure that everything runs smoothly.  Thanks to your planning, management and organization, the festival will not encounter any problems. You keep track of everyone’s task during the year. Within Stukafest you are also the point of contact on behalf of your city.
  • Bookkeeper:All incomes and expenses go through your hands. You take care of the money in the bank account. You make the budget and keep the  expenses in check.
  • Programmer:As a programmer you get started with the line up of the festival. You are in charge of contacting and finding the artists, making a great line up for the audience. Without a line up, there cannot be a festival!
  • Location manager:Stukafest always takes place in beautiful and idyllic places in and around the centre of Middelburg. It will be your job to look for them. You will also come into contact with people a lot, such as volunteers.
  • Acquisition:For the next edition in 2022 you will be looking for sponsors and funds. You are partly responsible for the income of the festival and stay in contact with all sponsors funds during the year.
  • Promotion:Are you agile with social media and creative? In this position you will do the promotion of the festival offline and online. Also think about designing T-shirts, posters and everything that will be posted socials media, creativity is key!

It is a plus to be able to speak English during the organization. With the 12 cities and the national team there are several English speakers present. As a result, there is a lot of communication in English. Together with your team all the problems will be solved and it will be an enjoyable year!

Are you interested in organizing Stukafest or do you have any questions about the positions?

Feel free to send us an email! The deadline for this is 10th of May.



Hope to see you soon!

All the best,

Stukafest Middelburg

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