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Stennis is a new band from de Randstand that combines contagious, flirtatious Eastern-European music with Dutch tearjerkers. They sing about everyday themes such as life, death, and Tinder. Danceable, authentic and most of all very nice!

Since the release of their debut single 'Kan Niet Kiezen' on Valentine's Day, they've been going strong. The band has been demolishing stages in cafes, festivals and other venues all over the country. From theaterfestival Oerol to dancefestival Solar Weekend, from a streetparty in Limburg to the craziest afterparties. Having just released their second single 'Marina', Stennis is unstoppable. Catch them at the afterparty in de Spot!

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  • De Spot
  • kunst- en cultuurpodium Middelburg

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