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Videogame music veteran and indie producer Launchable Socks produces dreamy tracks that combine electronic sounds with guitars, ukuleles, and other things that may not even want to be instruments. Moving seamlessly from playful and sweet to wistful and melancholy, his dreamy electronic pop will take you on a ride through a varied, yet focused musical landscape, where you can take the time to be by yourself, relax, and just take it all in.

No stranger to building atmosphere, Launchable Socks has composed the music for many different multimedia projects, most notably video game Qbeh-1: The Atlas Cube, which has been singled out in reviews for its “calm and relaxed vibe” and for playing a large role in creating the game’s “zen-like” mood.

This type of atmosphere building is present in live performances as well, where the music is accompanied by live percussion and guitar, and audiences can stand mesmerized, floating on whisps of melody and dreamlike soundscapes at one moment, and in the next be swept off their feet by catchy beats.

Whether you listen to it in the calm and comfort of your own home or witness the experience live on stage, Launchable Socks is sure to enchant you in the sweetest of ways.

“Quiet Magic is a testament to relaxation and self-discovery […] each time I replay even a single track, I find myself once again listening to most of the album.”
Review for Quiet Magic on“As Quiet Magic was playing while my daughter was in the room, I noticed her dancing in her chair and clapping her hands in a rough approximation of the music’s beat, a huge smile on her face.”
Review for Quiet Magic on Opuszine

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  • 'T Koffiepand
  • Korte Geere 19
  • Middelburg

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