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Charades is a young Dutch band translating their most introspective thoughts into alternative dreamy music with a grungy emo twist. Bittersweet sounds combined with their apparent frustration results in dynamic and energetic rockshows.

You may know Charades from Klomppop, Spectra or one of their many other gigs in Zeeland and the Netherlands. Last year they won the ‘’Grote prijs van Dordt’’. ‘’Why we choose Charades is the engagement with their music. These guys are daring, have guts and believe in what they do’’, quote the jury of the Grote prijs van Dordt.
The band is from the southwest of the Netherlands. The band consists of singer/guitarist Gerben Kieviet, bassist Frank Mastenbroek and drummer Rick Kouwenberg. Charades is signed to White Russian Records.
With the single ‘’Spin Around’’, taken of their latest EP named Floating, Charades will introduce you to the sound they will bring to Stukafest. Spin Around was described by online magazine All Things Loud as: ‘’This emo grunge banger is lathered in scuzzy guitars and echoed vocals, intricately bridging the gap between teenage angst and reckless abandon in a way only they know how’’.

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