Aidan & the Wild

@SVRZ 't Gasthuis

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Taking a cue from heroes such as Ben Howard, John Butler, John Smith and the Tallest Man On Earth and a profound love for ancient myths and stories about lost times come together in the distinct sound of Aidan & the Wild's music.

Aidan, a.k.a. Diederik van den Brandt, takes his listeners away on a musical journey through his interpretation of folk and americana music. Spending most of his days practicing his instruments results in a singer-songwriter who clearly knows his way around the guitar. Open-tuning finger picking alternated with slide and percussive style techniques produce a saturated and captivating sound. The big blueprint of his songwriting is folk music, but within the spectrum all corners are explored. From groovy americana and uplifting songs about Jesus to enchanting melodies that transport the listener to another world, from personal stories about love to epic works about myths and dragons.

  • location

  • SVRZ 't Gasthuis
  • Noordpoortplein 2
  • Middelburg

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