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“Melancholy is lurking with beautiful balanced dream pop and tempered but disruptive rock”

AAD is a Zeeland / Rotterdam band and stands for ambient alternative rock. The music that they make is especially compelling, moving and beautiful. Both on stage and on their debut album Tales From The Dirthouse. A story of trial and error captured in 10 unique numbers. Songs that look up the entire spectrum of alternative rock: soft, beautiful, but also rough and hard.

The first singles All The Bright Places and Koh Lanta were released in 2018, and the entire album is now available on vinyl, CD and of course through the various online music platforms. With an excellent review of 3voor 2 and the “The Dirthouse” tour, they will travel to the country at the beginning of this year. And they visit cities such as Rotterdam, The Hague, Breda, Goes and Eindhoven. Partly due to the selection for Pop aan Zee Gold, AAD played at the Vestrock festival. The Reviews about that performance were so enthusiastic that AAD is asked for Concert at Sea, about that performance and “Tales from the Dirthouse” the Telegraaf wrote the following: “You want to listen to AAD!”.

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  • Frietboetiek BT'J Anders
  • Reigerstraat 3
  • 4331 BA Middelburg

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