Sunday At Eight – Friday

@Witte Singel 58c

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Sunday at Eight is recognisable by a lot of different styles. With influences from Rock ‘n Roll, Blued, Jazz and Ska, to name a few examples, the band creates a recognisable, but still refreshing tone that you will not forget.

The Indie Pop band Sunday at Eight is inspired by bands and singer-songwriters from the glory days of pop music. With a repertoire that reaches from Jazzy piano-ballads to hard Rock ‘n Roll, the band will put-on a refreshing musical show. In January of 2018 the self-titled album EP came out and it was well received. Since then the band has performed on many festivals, cafés, in pop podia, on student parties, in living rooms and on the radio. The piano that predominated on the EP is now often replaced for an extra guitar to blow the roof off at many parties. But with Sunday at Eight you are also at the right address for compelling listening music. As music platform 3voor12 described: “It includes many things and there still many things to discover. In short: a band to keep an eye on.” In addition, they will come with new material, so even if you saw them before you will still be surprised.

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  • Witte Singel 58c
  • Witte Singel 58C
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