Rogier Kahlmann – Thursday

@Vestestraat 1B

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Is it comedy? Or is it cabaret? In his second show “De Struggel is Riel” Rogier tries to take a final stance on what he does. And that is cabaret, not (stand-up) comedy, although he admits that he does not completely understand the difference. Therefore, he is not sure if he succeeded in becoming a high-culture artist after all. But he added an extra song, and there clearly is an idea of a ‘message’ in his piece. But about he question if it is cabaret what he does and what exactly cabaret exactly entails, he does not have a clue. But the struggle is real, that’s a given. Rogier has performed in Leiden before in cafe Leidse Lente, where he was a participant in the the famous Leiden cabaret festival. In 2018 he also was a contestant in the first rounds of Cameretten cabaret festival. His performance will be in English.

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  • Vestestraat 1B
  • Leiden

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