Liza van Brakel – Friday

@Hogewoerd 101

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Juggling old-fashioned and boring? Think again! In a playful manner Liza explores the possibilities and limitations of juggling in combination with acrobatics. Ain’t no easy way out is a juggling piece about finding the impossibilities through simplicity. In a playful way you get taken into a poetic journey between the body, space, objects and music. Always in search of the impossibilities between juggling and movement. Conquering freedom means conquering simplicity.

Liza graduated in 2017 from Codarts Circus Arts, university of the arts in Rotterdam. She graduated as juggler and dance acrobat. After graduating Liza had the honor to perform at many different places all over the world. Besides performing as a solo artist with her piece “Ain’t no easy way out” Liza is also part of the show “SPRING” from the company Gandini Juggling.

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  • Hogewoerd 101
  • Leiden

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