Koolstrae family band – Thursday

@Jan van Houtkade 50 (Kruithuisje)

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Koolstrae consists of koolstra’s; sometimes two, sometimes three, but often five and a few times seven. Together they grew-up on a houseboat in Amsterdam surrounded by guitars, violins and a small dented trumpet. Sinds then you can see them inside and outside of Amsterdam as a procession cyclists that carry a contrabas, two violins, two ukuleles, a guitar, a cajon and a bag with bells and whistles to a next gig. Together they write songs that tell their own stories and whereby you can daydream of a morning when the sun shines through your window and somebody made coffee for you. Or hot chocolate if you do not like coffee.

  • location

  • Jan van Houtkade 50 (Kruithuisje)
  • Jan van Houtkade 50
  • Leiden

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