Gracie – Thursday

@Vestestraat 1b

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Gracie lives in 2045: where people can be immortal, where robots can have feelings and where there are no beauty ideals.

English componist Iain Chambers (BBC radio, The Guardian) and Dutch musician Tamara van Esch meet each other in 2012 when making a clip for the Guardian (UK). A cooperation has developed from this and since then they composed behind the scenes the music for Gracie. In 2019 the debut album will release, but until that time the music will stay a secret and will only be performed by exception. Expect a intimate performance with a live band and a wave of sounds from alternative indie, minimalist electronic music, film music and jazz; brought to you in an intense and honest way.

  • location

  • Vestestraat 1b
  • Vestestraat 1B
  • Leiden

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