Dans act – Thursday & Friday

@Langegracht 91B (Thursday) and Hogewoerd 14 (Friday)

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Rosa and Dieuwertje, performing dancers and young creators from Leiden. Moreover, both dancers are artistic leaders of DansBlok, the platform for professional dance in Leiden. During the performance two solo’s will be shown. Dieuwertje will dance her solo INVENTA. This dance is performed by one dancer, in one room and with one arm: discovering yourself and the world around you. With INVENTA Dieuwertje crawls into the skin of an organism that does not recognise itself. An inner quest with help from the outside. Rosa will dance her solo ‘Mouvement Perpétuel’, a woman is balancing on the edge between control and chaos. What is true and what is imagination? The audience is witness from a search for guidance in an ever-changing reality.

  • location

  • Langegracht 91B (Thursday) and Hogewoerd 14 (Friday)
  • Langegracht 91b
  • Leiden

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