Stukafest Leeuwarden is looking for a new board!

Tuesday 14-04-2020

Stukafest Leeuwarden is looking for new board members, read all about the positions down below. We’re looking for cultural students who feel motivated to make a success of the second edition of Stukafest in Leeuwarden!

Don’t hesitate any longer and send your motivation to, then we will reach out to you!

For the position of Treasurer & Acquisition we’re looking for someone who is Dutch speaking, since this task involves a lot of communication in Dutch. For the others we are open for international students.

What Stukafest has to offer:

  • Lots of new contacts in the cultural sector
  • Interesting workshops from Stukafest Nederland
  • An unique chance to organize a festival in your student city!
  • A lot of new experiences, which will look nice on your resume as well
  • And of course, a lot of fun


You will be booking about eight acts that will perform in different student rooms spread throughout our city. You will have to keep a big variety in mind: 40% will be music acts and for the other 60% you can find acts in other art disciplines like theatre, poetry, dance, cabaret, performance art or visual arts.

As the programmer of Stukafest you have the challenge to find nice artists and acts that fit your vision to make a diverse and interesting program. Mostly you’ll have contact with them or their management/booker through mail- or phone contact. You negotiate about payments and you keep an eye on the program budget. You’re discussing with the artists and acts about their promotion material and give them information by making a callsheet. You will also be working together with the other Stukafest board members to make a clear production script for the day of the festival.

On the other hand you can expect a lot of funny phone calls with artists, you’ll create a bigger network in the music and festival scene of the Netherlands and you will meet cool people of other Stukafest cities at the bootcamps that will take place a few times a year in Utrecht.

Location & Volunteers coordinator:

Do you see yourself as a social person and do you keep in touch with your contacts? Then Location and Volunteers coordinator is made for you!

First, you’re going to start off by finding people who are hospitable and excited to transform their room into a stage for a night. These potential room hosts need to think of their room as a stage as the party they always wanted. Of course you are going to drink a cup of coffee/tea with these potential room hosts, because you need some signed contracts. When you have enough rooms you want to be sure the information for the room hosts is clear. You know how to make clear what they can expect and what is expected of them.

Second, the board will be very busy. That’s why you need some volunteers to take over some tasks. Think of doing promotion stunts, deliver posters/flyers and have some cozy crafting nights. You not only have to find these volunteers, you organize these events and make sure the volunteers have a schedule and a clear task.

PR & Marketing coordinator:

Are you creative, communicative and do you always know how to convince people to come your party? Then you seem very suitable for the function PR- and Marketing coordinator!

As head-promotion you’re responsible for both the on- and offline promotion, this basically means you design the showpiece of the festival, the first thing people see. You will be the social media chief, for which you collect and create the content. You have a proactive attitude and you keep an eye out on your audience, on where they are and how to reach them. In addition you design the posters, flyers and possibly even program booklets. For this you get directions from Stukafest Nederland, but there is lots of space left for your creativity!

Besides all that you write a promotion plan, in which you process plans for promotion-stunts and social media content. You keep close contact with the treasurer about this, to make sure you stay under the budget for promotion. Last but not least, you write a press-message (or possibly more) and you send it to relevant press to increase your audience.

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