Stukafest Groningen

Friday 12-02-2021

Because of Covid-19, Stukafest is organizing a livestream this year: Stukafest TV! More information about this will follow shortly. View (part of) the lineup for Stukafest TV below.
We host our StukaTV Stream on February 12, together with Stukafest Zwolle and Stukafest Leiden. We have a nice evening-filling program waiting for you with special and varied acts. Just like on TV, you can zap between channels. It will be fantastic!

We work with a 'pay what you can' system, and you can attend the stream from as little as € 2.70.!
If you want, you can pay a bit more and support Stukafest that way.
If you are curious about what kind of acts the other Stukafest cities have booked, and want to watch their streams, which take place on 5, 19 and 26 February, you can buy a passe-partout.

Get your tickets now!


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