Stukafest Groningen Routes: The Blog

Tuesday 04-02-2020

Yes, You Can !


One of my personal favourite things about Stukafest are our locations. Not only is Stukafest an opportunity to be amazed by a threefold of very interesting upcoming artists, it’s an honest look into the lives of students (hence the smelly socks on our logo). But we, at Stukafest Groningen, can imagine that you might wonder where to go if you are bringing your (grand)children, still learning the Dutch language or are not in a position to climb the three stairs to an attic-gone-bedroom. But no worries! As an experienced babysitter/big sister, multiple foreign language speaker and hater of stairs, Djamila is here to give you some tips on where to go!


Parental Advisory


Most of our performances this year are actually quite nice to go to with children, with the exception of the rapper Primetech, which we literally plucked off the streets, and Erik’s film, which made me blush. But you are reading this for somewhere you cán take your kids, so here are my tips: With the really little ones, I would go to see Duo Sola, a duo which will be a trio during Stukafest Groningen 2020 with singer-songwriter Bahghi Yemane. The calming tones of the violin and cello of Duo Sola in combination with the enchanting voice of Bahghi will hopefully bewitch your little one in at least a few minutes of silent awe. If your children are a little older, I would DEFINITELY take them to see Magic Tom & Yuri. This magic act is a little out-there, but I suspect that their mildly vulgar jokes will resonate well with children at a primary school age. Final tip: If you have some bored teenagers at home, Tim Koehoorn is the way to go. His music embodies the face they make when you tell them “Let’s go to an art festival this evening, fun!”


Language No Problem


Again there are plenty of options during Stukafest Groningen 2020 if you do not speak Dutch. Both Magic Moon and Douwe Doorduin sing songs in English and both are quite frankly awesome to go listen to. If you are not that into music, we have Tamara Mook, who will be making her art live and explaining in English what she is making. For those trying to learn Dutch, I would go to Cissy Joan. This woman is magic with words, both in English and in Dutch. And as a bonus, she has a nice calm pronunciation, which makes her spoken word easy to follow.


Grounded Performances


Finding three locations that are accessible for all was more of a challenge. For instance, although the University Library, where the Poeziëbus is hosting three poets/spoken word artists, has an elevator, the secret location where Stukafest Groningen 2020 is performing is a little harder to reach. But thankfully there are three rooms on the ground floor. And they have incredible performances waiting for you. If you like spoken word and honest conversations about society and identity, Cissy Joan, is the way to go. Earlier mentioned Primetech also makes word art about society and identity, but molds his experiences into rap lyrics. Finally our dance act is also using a ground floor student room as a stage. Irma Pastoor will be dancing to the beat of a Dutch spoken word artist. Her modern urban dancing to words will certainly be something to see!


I hope these tips help you with your choice and to see you at Stukafest Groningen 2020!