Winner of Strijd om Stukafest hiphop edition: B.O.R.

@Herebinnensingel 37

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In cooperation with Urban House Groningen Stukafest Groninen is giving perfomers in the field of hip hop the chance to perform and the chance to win a perfomance spot at Stukafest Groningen 2018. The winner is B.OR:

Guaranteed not from the street, here is your B.O.R.! B.O.R. is new, different, fast, fresh & very upcoming. A smart MC that raps in both Dutch and English and does not shy away from unknown areas. From stairs, trees to psychobilly shops, no boring tracks & gigs with this man. With mottoes such as “you have to surprise your audience” and “if music is dope, there can be a rap” he flits everyone with a smile to enjoy his performances. B.O.R. recently went viral on dumpert, but also check “Koekje van eigen Deeg” and more goodies on his youtube channel!

  • location

  • Herebinnensingel 37
  • Groningen

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