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Three years ago Nachtschade (Maarten Stok, Bram Brekel, Guy Pek, Reid Steenhuis) released their first two EPs, produced by Pablo van de Poel. This was the start of a campaign, the end of which is not yet in sight. Nachtschade soon turned out to be a festival attraction, from the music freak festival Down The Rabbit Hole to the touring theater circus called De Parade and where the band has been on performed. Also in the club circuit the audience discovered that a concert of Nachtschade is worth repeating.

In 2016 Nachtschade was one of the handful of bands that surfaced in the Popronde. In April 2017 Nachtschade released their debut album: Maskerade, produced by Tammo Kersbergen (I Am Oak) and Tymen Bergman (Kytopia) and released by Eelco Boonacker (This Could Be Your Music Label). After the release of Masquerade in a sold-out upper room of Paradiso, few weekends pass by without the quartet putting things upside down. The band played at the De Wolffest in Tivoli-Vredenburg and pitched at the The Live I Live festival in The Hague and Festival Mundial in Tilburg. In October 2017, Nachtschade celebrated the long-awaited release of vinyl from the debut album. This was accompanied by a second series of club shows in Mezz, Simplon, Bibelot and DBs. In the spring of 2018 the new single ‘Roses’ will be released.

Where many bands are powered by one or two members, Nachtschade is one group, which consists of four equal parts. All musicians compose and all four writing and singing also their own texts. The band members also have more in common than a love of silly blues, interest in Berlin cabaret and admiration for dEUS. Nachtschade is a band that use their stage not only to entertain, but also to occasionally make a point. However, do not think that the band consists of a couple of world improvers, Nachtschade is first and foremost an extremely musical, 21st Century rock ‘n’ roll band. That their texts are about something is nice and not too luxurious in this time. Check out their music in the youtube link below!

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