Martine Bakker en Bobbie Wall: Alleen als we samen mogen (NL)


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Writer and storyteller Martine Bakker and singer-songwriter Bobbie Wall work together in ‘Alleen als we samen mogen’, an EP, a bundle of stories and a show. The show started in september, and from the 22 of october the book (with CD) is in stores.

‘Alleen als we samen mogen’ came into being when the duo travelled from Texas to Tennessee, in a rented jeep, with a guitar and a notebook. Bobbie gave concerts in houses all over the region, while sleeping at the homes of local music lovers. Bobbie also played in the iconic Bluebird Café Nashville. Meanwhile, Martine wrote stories about their trip through the heart of blues and country music.

‘Alleen als we samen mogen’ was received very well by the media, such as 3voor12 Leiden, the Telegraaf, the Theaterkrant and

The show is spoken in Dutch. Check out their music in the youtube link below!

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  • Grote Markt 44C
  • Groningen

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