Afterparty: Korfbal

@Poppodium Vera

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Korfbal is a band with Jaap van de Velde’s new band (The Homesick / Yuko Yuko) with Leon Harms (Vox von Braun), Marnix Visscher (Fisscher Price / Creepy Karpis) and Jesper Vos (Creepy Karpis), According to the band, Korfbal “the ultimate sport “. If you master korfbal, you can practice every team sport perfectly. If that does not give a new respect to the korfball sport, then this band certainly does. With members of Creepy Karpis, Rats on Rafts and The Homesick, Korfbal is playing all the competition with their horny garage pop. Check out their music in the youtube link below!

  • location

  • Poppodium Vera
  • Oosterstraat 44
  • Groningen

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