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Flicks is a unique initiative in Groningen because it is organized for (internatinal) students. That makes it an exciting mix of cultural backgrounds in the organization and programming. At Stukafest Groningen 2018 the following short movies will be shown:

1) Three tales of a coin (Nishok Nishok, 2016)
A coin recounts its life story in three sequences. Once filled with hopeful dreams of experiencing the world through the pockets of many, little does he suspect his seeming eventual fate in a tin case.
Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U09aVSpNRKA

2) What do Adults play? (Diana Põdra, 2016)
To escape from the hateful game, a boy agrees to help a young man to bring flowers to a lady, but a simple request makes everything go wrong.

3) Le Steak du Tante Margaux (Sameh Alaa, 2016)
Director Sameh Alaa went on to do his Masters Degree in EICAR Film School in Paris. ‘Le Steak De Tante Margaux’ is his graduation film. In 2017 he won the European Short Film Pitch for his upcoming film set in Egypt. Trailer: https://vimeo.com/150789290

Check a preview in the youtube link below!

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