A project of Dutch producer, vocalist and songwriter Fenneke Schouten, stress influences such as triphop, electronic music, R & B and pop. On stage she collaborates with Frank de Boer, performing an energetic live set: a sometimes cool but also intimate and daring core within a fibrous vacuum or beats, basslines and synths.

FENN ended as a finalist in the biggest Dutch music contest ‘Grand Prix of the Netherlands’. They’ve played on festivals such as Popronde, Eurosonic and Noorderzon (that used their track ‘Monsters’ for their trailer) and played alongside acts such as Skip & Die, Emma Ruth Rundle, CUT and LGHTNNG.

Mini-album ‘Flow’, containing five dark electronic R & B tracks, has been released on January 17th, coinciding with their show on Eurosonic 2018.

Check out their music in the youtube link below!

  • location

  • Hooge der A 21
  • Groningen

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