Café Theater Festival presents: Lilly Bendl


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A unique combination of dance and theatre by an artist selected by the Café Theater Festival. This act is a colorful dance performance that makes you think about your own perception. Dark, comical and sexy.

Do you also like to have a beer on a Friday night occasionally? After a full week of stress at work, on the train and maybe even at home. With a little alcohol and good music, everything seems to be a bit lighter again. But is everything as golden as it seems? Or is it just that way through the superficial haze of happiness that perches over your perception?

Lilly Bendl dances to create a performance in which she shows the difference between the image that you have of yourself and the image that others have of you. She does this by playing in the performance a very drunk woman who is dancing; alternately how she sees herself dancing and how the rest of the cafe sees her dancing. The show is in reverse order: she enters the cafe in a stupid drunk and ends with the first sip she takes in the evening. And another important detail: her entire body is painted gold. It produces a performance that is funny and recognizable on the one hand, and intimate and poetic on the other.

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  • location

  • Zaagmuldersweg 79A
  • Groningen

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