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“So you get grandmother’s time”


Druiprek is a masked RAVE act with analog synthesizers. They make house/rave combined with mysterious, obscure samples. Imagine yourself in a 90s atmospheres with hard TR-909 beats, and end up in a stadium in trance rocking with a tap solo that could have been from Yngwie Malmsteen.

In a pub, an attic, a basement or on a ship. RAVEN everywhere.


“Listen to this on Spotify; no further explanation needed. This will be

legendary. “-Joris van der Poel, programmer club warehouse The Hague |


“They are the best in raving and editing trailers.” -Bella Hay, DJ and Singer at

Tears & Marble


“Woof” – The dog of DJ Paul Elstak


After Popronde 2019, Druiprek is on its way to address the Dutch Underground and Dance scene as a five-liter barrel of beer from the car.

Druipen (“Dripping”) is the new raven


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