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Wakki is a jazzfunkformation from Delft that combines the energy of funk and the freedom of jazz with elements from several other genres, including rock, reggae, disco, world music, drum & bass, Afrobeat, hip-hop and more.

The music of Wakki speaks a lot to people because of different genres it resembles. There is something familiar for everyone, wether it’s Snarky Puppy, James Brown, Pink Floyd, Avishai Cohen, Bob Marley, Led Zeppelin or Santana. Wakki is an adventure you can listen to and at the same time makes you want to dance, omplex rhythms are put in a danceable way with narrative themes and the musical freedom in their songs ensure that each performance is slightly different.

  • location

  • Oost-Indiëplaats 67
  • Delft

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