Daniel Cane

@Oost-Indiëplaats 81-87

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Bittersweet love songs that sounds like Damien Rice or Ed Sheeran and that covers stories about broken hearts, about losing and finding love again. That's Daniel Cane.

In four years time Daniel Cane managed to find the hearts of many fans. Over 600 gigs across the Netherlands and a small piece of Belgium, a breathtaking debut EP Ivory, and opening for the likes of Bløf, De Dijk, Fink, Danny Vera and many. You might have seen Daniel at Lowlands, Pinkpop, during Popronde or like Stukafest, in your living room. Nothing is too crazy for this cuddly bear.

  • location

  • Oost-Indiëplaats 81-87
  • Oost-Indiëplaats 81
  • Delft

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