Van Commen

@Albert Cuypstraat 268-2

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Van Common, is the solo moniker of Amsterdam’s multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Sebastiaan van Ravenhorst. As a true hermit, the young man retreated to a small beach house in the southwest of the Netherlands. D.I.Y was his credo: writing, singing, playing all instruments and recording, everything done by himself.
He raided the local supermarket, in order to have enough provisions for a week’s work on his own. ‘I didn’t want to get out of the house anymore,’ he says. ‘I wanted to completely let go of my everyday surroundings and focus on writing and recording music for the EP.’ The result is an apt introduction to his mix of dream-pop, shoegaze and glo-fi sounds. Boasting infectious melodies, his songs haunt you like a ghost to take over your mind completely. And that’s Van Common’s intention: to crossover from the subconscious to the conscious.

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  • Albert Cuypstraat 268-2
  • Amsterdam

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