Windup Space

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Windup Space are an emo rock band from Oosterhout, The Netherlands. Brothers Menno and Steven van Marle, together with neighborhood friend Jesse Kwaks, envisioned a sound characterized by honest and emotive songwriting to serve as a vulnerable counterpart to modern rock. Taking inspiration from bands like Biffy Clyro, Jimmy Eat World, Black Foxxes, Arcane Roots and Basement, they balance on that sweet spot between alt-rock, emo and atmospheric post rock. This results in energetic, tightly produced rock songs with infectious hooks, but the openness with which they discuss personal themes such as loneliness and mental health is what truly sets them apart. Over the years, Windup Space have cut their teeth in the live circuit, supporting Gender Roles, playing festivals like Misty Fields and Breda Barst, and in 2020 they were selected to be part of the Dutch traveling festival Popronde.





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