Jing ‘Juice’ Wang

@Alan's Room

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Jing ‘Juice’ Wang is a popping dancer born in China. He discovered this dance style when he was 16 years old and has been pursuing it passionately ever since. He never had just one teacher but learned from various sources all around the world. He managed to develop an unique style through continuous practice and is able to share his know-how with the next generation through teaching. With all his acquired knowledge he became ambitious in building on to the culture and is involved in multiple projects. For Stukafest he will be performing a freestyle demonstration in the style Popping and give a short explanation about this physical art form. Additionally he will give a 15 minutes mini workshop for any attendants who are willing to participate.

  • location

  • Alan's Room
  • Poeijerstraat 77
  • Eindhoven

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