Just Big Hills

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Grown out of Lo-Fi Hip Hop beats and its surrounding internet culture Just Big Hills has found a steady amount of listeners all over the world since 2017. As the years moved on and David moved to Amsterdam he grew out of the frames of Lo-Fi Hip Hop music and instead went back to his roots of Trip Hop, Electronica and guitar driven music like Indie Rock and Math Rock. The chord progressions became more tension filled, melancholic and dissonant. The themes surrounding his music started revolving more around growth and maturity, feelings of hopelessness and about reconnecting with nature and the love surrounding our human connections.

His upcoming debut album on the British label College Music will be a culmination of these themes and a new start away from the confines of Lo-Fi music. The sound is best described as a guitar-driven love baby of Radiohead, Massive Attack and Boards of Canada. With this new sound David is ready to move beyond his internet following and take his music to the stages. With his live show Just Big Hills experiments with the structures of his music through live synthesizers, and guitar. Paired with kaleidoscopic and cryptic visuals he aims to translate his musical journey to an immersive live experience where the listeners can be the authors of their own interpretations surrounding his themes.



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